This page is about our activism.

What we think we need to solve this problem is simple.

1: To create a resource center (a website/websites) which contains all aspects of information about this crime so that general public can understand this crime and the necessity to investigate it.
2: To distribute the information to as many people as possible.
3: To negotiate with politicians and authorities with supports from people who understand this problem.

The website must be free to access. We cannot distribute this type of information around the world though charged or priced contents.

The website will include:
-an explanation of this crime, our goal and a roadmap to reach it, and what we want people to do in the process
-victims’ testimony, information about TI networks around the world
-technical information (We may not need to argue about scalar or implants or satellite or etc. Just honestly and simply write what we know and don’t know, what we have found and what we can say as possibilities with reasonable explanations will be OK. We can leave the rest work to other people. )
– measured data, results of shielding and other data which show the physical aspect of this crime
-history of development of related technology and illegal human experiments, explanation of organized stalking
-other judicial and legal information, media coverage on this topic
– other things you think you need

Victims’ testimonies are the most important in those contents.

Many of the victims would know how to let other people understand this crime from experiences. It’s difficult but not impossible. Usually we just logically elaborate what has happened to us. Besides this, we will also provide some information about technology or other things which are helpful for their understanding. And many facts we tell gradually accumulate in our friends’ or family member’s mind and finally they start to understand such kind of things is possible. Technological or other information will help. But your story is the key because it is the only thing which can visualize this invisible crime. Plus, they are interested because that is your story. Your own reliability and seriousness will be important. In most cases we need to provide not small amount of information to let someone finally understand this crime. It takes time.

We need to do the same thing to unlimited number of general public through online.

Your testimony is all about logical elaboration of your victimization. Which parts of your body hurt? How does it hurt? How frequently it happens? What voice you hear? Male or Female? Old or young? What exactly they are talking? How do you react? What do you see or smell without the source? When do they happen? Why can you call it a crime instead of physical or mental disorder? What does the doctor say? What have you measured? What’s the result of shielding? How did everything start? How hard your life with this victimization is? What do you want to say to the audience of your testimony?

It is not a single testimony but numbers of testimonies that will be put on the site. It will show some similarity in this crime. People who hear voices also have physical pains. Physical pains can be mitigate by thick substance. But how can schizophrenia cause physical pains? How schizophrenia can be mitigated by metal substance? Some voices for different victims say they are aliens. Do they have some talk scripts? The audience will learn those things by themselves though the contents as we did so.

Testimonies also provide the reason for people to act. Words move people. It’s not like “there will be thousands of people around the world who suffer electronic torture and surveillance.” This cannot get any sympathy. “Your logical but angry and sad words can be the reason for people to do something to this problem. Numbers of angry voices. This is not about technology but crime. If there are no victims, there is no crime. And, since this is an invisible crime, each victim is invisible until he or she speaks out. So speak out. Telling the truce doesn’t require money or power or special knowledge but only brave.

Testimony in interview style will be effective because a monologue by a TI is often hard to understand for people without knowledge of this crime. The interviewer can clarify every unclear point in the testimony by questions. “You said people are talking about your personal information. But who are those you call ‘people’ ?”,or “So you say you think you mind is read by perpetrators because when you think something, they attack you timely. Right?”

No need for elaboration in you testimony about what electronic harassment is because it is already written in another page of the site. Various information collected in the site will back your description. No need for elaborating your political or social view or conspiracy theory because you won’t have solid proof to connect this crime and your theory. The purpose of the testimony is to show this is physical attacks. If people are really attacked by stealth weapons, any government has responsibility to do something for that.

Movie testimony is very impressive, but audio testimony is also enough understandable ,and you don’t have to expose your face. You can record the interview style testimony using skype or other tools. Monologue is easy to record. The style of testimony can vary. In the same way, exposing real name is more credible, but using alias is OK. Your explanation is more important than your name. The number and quality of testimony is the important for credibility.  

Given that there are thousands of victims of this crime around the world, we can collect hundreds of testimonies in various languages if one out of ten TIs speak out. Of course, only if TIs around the world cooperate together. This number will be enough persuading to most people.

Once we can create the credible resource, we can distribute it to tens of millions of people. We can collect mail addresses of people in many fields to make a database. Then send emails to all national and local politicians, administrative offices, police, media companies, journalists, NGOs, NPOs, big companies, small companies, celebrities, artists, your alumni and alumna and whoever around the world for whatever reason for help.

This we think is a way to end the war.

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