Shin Hayama, Japanese, recorded in November 2016 
    In his testimony, he complains that he has been remotely attacked by someone and gets pains on his body. Those pains can be mitigated with shielding such as rubber sheet or fake leather clothing. Some of the attacks can be also completely stopped by just unplugging interior wirings. 

(about organized stalking harassment,  added in 2020)

You can watch testimonies in various language in this human rights organization’s website.
>iccact.org  http://icaact.org/video-victims-testimonies.html#.VpqiBjNpCM8

You can also see some Americans testifying at a U.S. governmental committee on bioethics at this link   >  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9noyzu2P-kQ


In this  site you can read some Canadian victims testimonies
> http://www.organizationofmindcontrolvictims.com/testimonies/

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