our goal

We claim comprehensive investigation on ELECTRONIC HARASSMENT, the worst taboo in the world, by the government, congress and UN.

We see the roadmap to the solution as follow:

### Goal of campaign ###

For most of the victims of this crime, just to stop electronic harassment on themselves will be the final goal. On top of that, some supportive measures for the victims such as proper medication and compensation as well as criminal penalty on the criminals will be hoped.

However, considering that everybody can be attacked by stealth weapons, both victims and non-victims would wish national and international measures to eliminate these stealth weapons forever so that they and the people they love will not have to worry about these evil weapons now and in the future.

Some would have the idea that exposure of this crime should change the view of people in several ways. It is partially about non-thermal phenomena of electromagnetic waves, or about surveillance society, about potential of advanced technology unavailable to general public, and about the long lasting sinful crime and organizations responsible.

For any of those goals to be achieved, a comprehensive investigation on this problem is essential. Without understanding of the situation, any registration cannot be effective to stop harassment because criminals do not care about laws and we need real force to stop them.

So, realization of comprehensive investigation is our first goal.

### investigation in national assembly ###

The government in each country will have the major responsibility. Some international assembly such as UN will also have it because this crime involves military technology and some of remote attacks could and would be done across the border.

Some investigation could be carried out by police. But if the investigation need to involve parts of police and other authorities, it should be done by the congress.

So the necessity of investigation of electronic harassment must be proved in the national assembly

### How to show the necessity of investigation on invisible crime ###

Our logic is simple.

A: circumstantial evidence

Even if we cannot obtain the very scientific evidence which connects each victim with the perpetrators in each case, we can prove the strong suspicion of cruel crime using stealth energy weapons being in our society. There are much circumstantial evidence. That is:

Numbers of victim’s testimonies around the world >

Common reported phenomena of harassment which shows this is physical attacks >

Several whistleblowers confessing about stealth weapons and covert operations >

Military and academic research on the technology which will enable this crime >

Enough circumstantial evidence to show the strong suspicion that electronic harassment occurring in our society.

B: No need to entirely prove the crime

However, gathering scientific evidence of the invisible crime requires too much high skills for ordinary people and therefore impossible. Of course, the victims are not ones to be blamed.

Therefore, lack of the very scientific evidence which connects each victim with each criminal cannot be righteous reason for the government not to investigate about electronic harassment.

Because if the strong suspicion of existence of invisible crime in our society is shown by such circumstantial evidence, for the government not to investigate the crime just because the victims cannot gain its scientific evidence means that the government assure that criminals could kill and torture anyone if they use advanced technology of which evidence ordinary citizens cannot obtain.

However, assuring safety of the citizens is the minimum responsibility of the government, and the one who even cannot ensure that, we don’t have to call the government. We don’t call it police or army.

This is not about whether we have each law regulating electronic harassment or stealth weapons. Every aspect of torture of electronic harassment is unconstitutional and breach of basic human rights.

C: Urgency is obvious

The torture the victims experience every day including sexual one is terrifying cruelty once people come to understand. Therefore helpless victims sometimes cause various incidents. >

Not small number of people are tortured every day.

On the ground of those information, it is obvious that investigation of this crime is top political priority.

We are not unreasonably trying to claim penalty on someone without evidence.

As there are numbers of people who say they are suffering remote torture with stealth weapons, we reasonably say the government must investigate this.

A plus B plus C means that obviously the government must investigate on electronic harassment right now, and we don’t have no responsibility to show anything more.

### politicians in congress must act right now ###

The question is whether there is electronic harassment and stealth weapons in our society or not. We have been showing national and local politicians the circumstantial evidence, and will keep doing so.

Our ability to gather information is limited, so we need to make authorities to disclose information about this crime. We also need to know the government’s official view about electronic harassment because not small amount of information has already publicly appeared.

But, the department in authority in charge of this topic is unclear, and possibly no authority is officially in charge. So we need aid from people congress for information gathering. Such information they themselves should need to understand the situation.

They have special power to investigate national affairs. They can have bearcats to search information. They can directly ask in congress.

However, as we argued in the previous page, they have a strong desire to avoid this theme. What we say to this is simple.

Besides the criminal omission by the government which enables this crime, the people in congress, having legislative power and the right to conduct investigations on governmental actions, should be humanely condemned for not using those power and right for this matter. The victims of this crime have already appealed to every party for help for many years. So we need to admit that their humane guilt is an unchangeable historical fact.

If police officers say that they cannot investigate on electronic harassment because there are no regulations, this is legislators’ fault. If our society doesn’t have enough information about this crime, politicians should be blamed for not searching the confidential information to protect people. They should think why they are given such power and money.

We’d like to say that there is no point talking about social equality and democracy where someone in power can attack any harmless citizens secretly to break their lives and never be blamed.

There is no point talking about national security in the country where numbers of people are attacked and tortured by advanced weapons, and their army and police make no efforts to save them.

Upon those facts, they should choose to support this secret crime by doing nothing or do anything as an individual. What we can and will do is just to keep telling the facts.

Our request is too simple. Now a number of people are complaining they are remotely tortured with stealth weapons, some of them committed suicide, murder and injury, and there are people who confess those stealth weapons exist, so we should use the state power and tax to investigate it.

The government and the police which neglect the fact, mass media which cannot deal with this topic, and politicians who neglect keep neglecting this crime are all abnormal.

### your help ###

For realization of investigation, we definitely need your understanding and support on this problem. We will do our best to present all the necessary information to understand the problem.

For further information, please check other pages of this site. (Though information is limited in English pages.)

This is what we think to solve this problem.
I hope the light of truce will illuminate every corner of back streets.
What’s electoronic harassment?

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