Being a victim

hardship and isolation

###when you become a victim of electronic harassment ###

When you get attacked with energy weapons, at first, you don’t know what’s happening to you.

There are numbers of victims who have just suffered without knowing they’d been attacked for years.

Some victims go to see a doctor and are recommended or almost forced to go stay in a mental hospital without knowing the truce.

Some victims commit suicide for pains.

You, however, from various facts and analysis, find out that it is a crime done by some people, then do a further research, finally to understand that it is electronic harassment. Since this is a crime, you go to a local police station.

###Police neglect the crime###

At the local police station, police officers don’t understand your story because they have no knowledge about such weapons unknown to the society.

You, trying to suppress your anger, bring various materials and information about the technology fetched from the internet to try to explain your situation, only to fail. Little by little, the face of the officer becomes saying that they don’t want to hear you anymore. In fact, they aren’t authorized to investigate the case that isn’t recognized as a crime.

Finally, they tell you that they cannot do anything without hard scientific evidence. So, you start to try to collect evidence of the crime.

Substantial reduction of the ailing symptoms by shielding, detection of unnaturally electric field, such data shows the attacks have physical and artificial phenomena. But that’s not enough.

What is the hard evidence? For example, it may be like the one where you locate the attackers position by using more than two directional antennas for trigonometry, and at the same time you record the frequencies’ property as well as the data of you physical symptoms so that you can connect both. Then later you go to see a doctor to take medical certificate which says your medical ill condition is something to do with your recorded data. Third person’s testimony about you and your situation will be useful.

But it’s totally impossible. You’re just ordinary citizen. You even don’t know which frequency they use. The medical certificate would tell only you have some physical or mental disorder unrelated to anything electromagnetic.

If possible, after your incredible efforts, then they would turn off the weapon system and run away and hide or throw away all the data.

So you think again, then start to require the regulation of possessing those harmful energy weapons only to be refused due to the lack of such laws.

###No departments in charge in authorities###

Since the local police never start to investigate your case, you go to the police headquarter of your municipality. They just tell you that every case should be dealt at your local office first.

So you go to other authorities, mass media companies, human rights organizations, and city council members’ office to seek for social and political solution even though it looks a detour.

You show several piece of information that says our society have some misused energy weapons, in hope that it proves the necessity of gaining further information from authorities.

At each office, you may be told that they just don’t know which department deals with such case. After you are sent around among several offices, you finally come to realize that there will be no departments which deal with this crime.

To begin with, any authorities including police don’t admit the existence of electronic harassment, so there are no departments dealing with it.   Then, as there are no departments and authorities dealing with electronic harassment, therefore no one don’t have to think about it.

However, they never give you concrete words that electronic harassment doesn’t exist. They just say they cannot deal with your case there.

It seems to you that by never creating the offices responsible for this crime in any authorities, the total neglect to the victims are made possible. A few local officers who showed some concerns about this crime might be moved to other department before you know it.

###Journalists and politicians also reluctant###

Mass media companies don’t publicize the crime which the police don’t recognize as crime. Finally, you visit the offices of congressmen and congresswomen in hope that they would make some laws illegalizing your torture.

After intently listening to your explanation, the secretaries of politicians would show slightly confused faces. One secretary might say “yeah, but we need to think things scientifically, so without any scientific evidence…”, or another secretary might say” well, actually I’ve heard that kind of stories many times but we have no information about it so far….”

On the way home, however, you come to realize that their explanation dosen’t make any sense. Not being able to gain the scientific evidence of the crime by light speed high tech weapons is not your fault. Nor can that be the reason for politicians with legal rights to investigate national affairs not to use those rights.

In the end, you understand that it is not like they can’t deal with this crime but it’s like they don’t want to do so, which makes you down more. Because though you can easily refute their quibbles about why they cannot start investigating the problem, their plain ideas that there is no advantage in fighting against the huge power to help tiny victims like you is hard to beat.

There you can see the huge power which possesses and uses this criminal technology. As a result, even though there are not a small number of victims of this crime as well as victim’s organizations, various information about related technology and some serious incidents such as murder and suicide caused by this crime, all the mass media, politicians, police, administrative authorities and medical institutes thoroughly neglect this crime.

This is the situation which will surround you when you become a victim of electronic harassment.

### one simple fact ###

Though you cannot identify the criminals, you can clearly point out one simple fact. That is the crime of omission by the government including police authority in charge of protecting its citizens’ lives and safety.

Civilians have no legal rights to investigate and arrest criminals directly. Investigating any crime is responsibility of the police which has exclusive authority to do so. If the power and technology of the criminals are beyond them, the responsibility falls on the military force.

That the victims are not able to obtain the evidence of their cases are due to the fact that the criminals use such advanced technology. So the fact is that this criminal omission by the government and the police makes this crime possible.

Their omission causing great number of human’s torture and forced suicide, must be legally pursued in the future.

Considering this point, you will come to see the next step to take to solve this crime. To bring this issue to the congress and international authorities to realize the investigation.

What’s electronic harassment?

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