What’s Electronic Harassment ?

Our campaign goal is to regulate and eliminate electronic harassment, a type of crime and illegal human experimentation where criminals transmit invisible energy to attack harmless citizens.

We claim nationwide and international investigations on ELECTRONIC HARASSMENT, the worst taboo in the world.


Electronic harassment is a type of crime where criminals transmit invisible energy such as electromagnetic waves and sonic waves to humans and electronics to attack them  and for surveillance purpose. There are allegedly thousands of victims of this crime or more around the world. Now they demand the solution for this atrocity.

Imagine you are in a room. As you can use your cell phone in the room, electromagnetic waves can penetrate walls. So if you remodel a microwave oven so that it can transmit microwaves out of it, then you can damage a person in another room thorough the wall.

An example of anti-personnel energy weapons using electromagnetic waves is “Active Denial System”, which has been introduced by the U.S. military. This weapon irradiates on people with millimeter waves, which are higher frequencies than those used in microwave ovens, and the millimeter waves immediately heat part of your skin, causing sever pains, controlling a target or a cloud. Because the aim of this directed energy weapon is not to kill somebody, it is classified as non-lethal weapons.

On the other hand, there is so called “through wall radar”, with which you transmit electromagnetic waves to a target behind the wall to obtain the reflected waves to analyze and process so that you can locate the person through the walls.  

This means someone in other place can locate, track and also attack you at the same time.

So what would you do if you were assaulted like that way?

Well, you jump out of your room into the place you think the criminals are? Then you’ll be arrested because there’s no proof of the crime.

But in fact, you won’t figure out by whom and from where you’re attacked. Furthermore, you won’t be able to understand what’s happening to you, because you don’t know there are such weapons in the world.

You may not die from the attack because it is non-lethal. Maybe just getting sick and suffering. If you feel bad in that place, why don’t you just keep moving to avoid secret attacks?

But what would you do if they attack while you are in bed?

You can never move while you’re trying to sleep. And you get severe pains or other ailing symptoms there, and eventually you cannot sleep. Even if you move from your bed to a sofa to avoid the attack, they can easily track your position.

It means you never sleep. Therefore, you are always sleepy, dizzy and almost falling down. So you give up working. Only with that simple attack, they can easily devastate your social life completely. So easy.

This is an simplified image for explanation, but in fact, one of the most common complaints from electronically harassed people is sleep deprivation according to the statistics with more than 1000 victims taken by a Japanese NPO researching this crime.

It’s a perfect crime. The victims can never prove the crime while criminals have no worry about arrest. They can keep attacking you 24 hours/365 days. So electronic harassment is really convenient for organizations which want to destroy someone’s lives for whatever reasons.

###bio-effects of electromagnetic waves ###

By the way, many of you may have this question. Electromagnetic waves are everywhere around us, so can they really be weaponized?

The answer is yes. The bio-effects of electromagnetic waves have been researched for decades, and one good resource showing those research is an unclassified document by the U.S. army in 2006 named “Bioeffects of Selected Nonlethal Weapons.” http://www.wired.com/images_blogs/dangerroom/files/Bioeffects_of_Selected_Non-Lethal_Weapons.pdf (from “Wired”)

In the document several possible weaponized usage of electromagnetic waves are stated. For example, incapacitation by microwave heating which will cause disorientation, delirium and other various symptoms, making a target hear fake sound using microwave hearing effect, disruption of neural control by abusing synchronization of brain neurons, and so on.

Thermal effect is well known as bio-effect of electromagnetic wave. Microwave hearing is stimulating with pulse waves the cells relating to the auditory nerves in the inner ear, expanding them resulting in hearing fake sound. The fake sound sent to a person in this way is not vibrating air and therefore cannot be heard by others or recorded with a microphone, and will definitely cause great mental damage on the target.

Rhythmic synchronization of brain neurons is thought to be important function to organize various neurons at the same time according to your specific behavior such as sexual, aggressive or ingestive activities. External artificial stimulation with pulse wave can disturb this natural control of neurons.

One good example of this is the incident which occurred in Japan in 1997 where a number of children watching the same TV animation program were brought to hospitals for epileptic-like seizure, nausea, headache, optical or auditory sense disorder, general malaise and so on. In this case, optical stimulation from the flashing in the program were thought to disturb the natural synchronization. Direct irradiation of adjusted pulse wave are also thought to be able to cause this type of disruption.

Though there is various research on this subject, publicized information available to ordinal citizens regarding military technology is only part of the whole research. But such research will be surely meaningful and ongoing. In fact, some people confess that these types of weapons have been developed and used by military intelligence and secret service as stealth weapons for decades ( https://vimeo.com/50208624 from white TV). Such development will require a number of human experimentation.

###What kind of attacks ? ###

The medium of irradiation of directed energy weapons varies, electromagnetic waves have deeper penetration and lower directivity in lower frequency and higher directivity in higher frequency. Much higher frequencies like optical frequencies can be weaponized as laser too.

Sound waves which is vibrating air, can be used for attacks too. For example, there’s a directed sonic weapon which uses supersonic waves with high directivity on which audible range sound signals are put, and make a specific person hear a speech or sound. ( A system called LRAD, which is used by military forces and police, is relatively famous.)

Attacks are made not only on humans but also on electronic equipment like PC. A number of victims complain that their PCs get broken frequently. Cyber-attacks are sometimes accompanied.

Radar is used for surveillance. For example, technology called TEMPEST is well known. This system use radar to get and analyze the electric signals leaked from PC and its peripherals, then reproduces what is on the target’s PC monitor.

Besides external irradiation, harmful signals can be sneaked in the internal wiring such as power lines. This can be stopped by switching off the circuit breaker, which, however, will cause you great inconvenience.

These energy based attacks on humans and electronics as well as illegal surveillance, we generally call electronic harassment.

###Symptoms and Damages###

On the other hand, the symptoms the victims describe about attacks from electronic harassment are similar to those seen in the research of non-lethal weapons.

For example, abrupt pains, heating, skin convulsion, dizziness, ringing in ears and transmission of voice and other sensory information. If fake sound can be sent by stimulating auditory sensory cells, can’t we say it possible that other fake sensory information also be sent by stimulating others sensory nerves?

Such symptoms are immediately and timely made to occur and they continue for years, depriving sleep, disturbing work, putting strong mental stress, causing deterioration of health and social life and forced suicide reportedly.

However, the victims also report that these symptoms are substantially mitigated by shielding and jamming, that their electronics such as PCs break with abnormal frequency, that they detect abnormal electromagnetic field in their house, and that they also suffer from organized harassment such as stalking and noise with plural people. All those situations show their suffering are made from physical attacks as crime instead of just physical and mental disorder.

Nevertheless, The police as well as other social institution like doctors don’t recognize energy irradiation as crime, only to leave victims suffer the agony.

### The biggest problem: no evidence, no mark, and strong taboo ###

Electronic harassment includes various crimes. The purpose, used weapons and technology will be different in each case. However, the common feature is that ordinary citizens cannot obtain the evidence of the crime, therefore they cannot prove the crime.

Ordinary citizens cannot technically gather evidence to determine from where and by whom the harmful frequencies are transmitted so that they can prosecute someone or prove the crime in a law suit. Many victims just don’t know who attack them. This should be because the criminals use military-level advanced weapons.

The second problem is the torture from electronic harassment such as pains and fake sound don’t leave any mark of attacks which can be written on a medical certificate. Filing a criminal complaint will be possible without identificaion of suspects, but at least you need to prove your damage for that.

The third big problem is that there is little available information about this crime and stealth weapons in the world. So the victims can get few understandings and supports from anybody. Let me explain what it is like to be a victim of electronic harassment in the next page.

What’s electronic harassment?

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