Whistle Blowers

This page is about whistle blowers who give us information about electronic harassment.

-Some of the whistle blowers used to work for intelligence agencies and have directly or indirectly knowledge about electromagnetic weapons and mind-control experimentation, and started to speak about this crime from their sense of justice.

-Some of them are scientists, doctors ,engineers or experts in other fields, who fell into victims of this crime and talk about cases of themselves and other victims based on their knowledge and research.

-Some of them have researched this crime for journalistic purpose.

A mirror website of “BiggerThanSnowden.com”
This site covers a lot of people who speak up about electronic harassment with their brief background. However, the original site was closed in 2019, and the link is to a mirror page ot the website, so links in the site are dead. But you can search the background of many of them by google searching if you want.

The following sections are mainly for people who are not covered in this page.

A website about Dr. Robert Duncan       http://www.projectsoulcatcher.com/

  Dr. Duncan is a scientist who worked for the U.S. Department of Defense and other public institutions and academic institutions, got involved in developing technology used in electronic harassment,  Later, he fell  a victim to this crime, so has researched, written and spoken about this crime actively.

A page about Eleanor White
    Eleanor White is an engineer and and has been an activist against gang-stalking since she became a victim of the crime. The link below is to a page about her, which is in the  website of a Canadian TI organization.


The following link is to an article that is about research conducted by David Lawson, who was a former police officer and infiltrated to gang-stalking groups for his private research, His research was published as a book, but is not available now. The page content is Eleanor White’s summery of his book.
Summery of David Lawson’s Investigation Into Organized Stalking

.Covert Harassment Conference (2015) 
  In the international conference held in Berlin in 2015 to discuss issues mainly about electronic harassment  and gang stalking, a lot of experts and whistle blowers made speeches. You can listen to their lectures on the conference website of the link below.


A blog by a Japanese patent lawer discussing electronic harassment


The page is the link to a blog written by a Mr. Koike, a patent lawer having a doctor’s degree chemistry, Mr. Koike has made presentations about micro-auditory effect in academic conferences and discussed electoronic harassment in his blog. (only in Japanese) 

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