Not Schizophrenia

The reason no investigation has been done so far on electronic harassment by governments in any countries regardless of undeniable necessity of it is due to the suspicion that  complaints made by the victims might come from hallucinations and delusions caused by schizophrenia.

This point is explained on the page .

There are  some understandable reasons electronic harassment victim complaints are thought of as schizophrenic.

  1. a close resemblance between many of the types of attacks in electronic harassment and hallucinations, which is a symptom of schizophrenia
    e.g. voice transmission and the transmission of the information for  other five senses)
  2. a close resemblance between types of complaints made by electronic harassment victims and delusions, which is another symptom of schizophrenia
    e.g. someone is reading my mind, people around me say bad things about me)
  3. If you search the internet for information about this crime, you will find various types of incoherent complaints and unscientific claims.
    ( e.g.  people with supernatural power are involved in this crime, aliens are doing this)
  4. Some psychiatrists say those who complaint about electronic harassment and gang stalking are schizophrenia.
  5. You feel there aren’t any reasons why ordinary citizens are attacked by such advanced technology

Considering 1 to 5, it is understandable for you to consider electronic harassment complaints as hallucinations and delusions  instead of to believe  in invisible crime with high-technology energy weapons unknown to  the public. Schizophrenia itself seems a popular mental disorder.

However, as for 1,  forms of attacks in electronic harassment are actually different from the symptoms in schizophrenia.

//pains and other physical disorders//
[physical aspects of the phenomena]
-Some pains which occur abruptly can be avoided just by moving your body (but if you stay still there for a while after moving, you start feeling pains again = tracking and radiating ) 
You can mitigate pains by shielding (degrees of mitigation depending on the material you use)
– There have been cases where strong pains and other physical disorders vanished instantly when they unplugged interior wiring ( there thought to be two types of attacks using irradiation and interior wiring)
mitigation of pains by active shielding (jamming)
– many cases of measurement of strong electric field which was not supposed to be there in the houses of electronic harassment victims or around their bodies. 

[intentional aspects of the phenomena]
-the occurrence and degree of intensity of pains as well as other kinds of damages clearly change depending on what the victim is doing
e.g. When the victim is doing what they have to do (working, making contact with someone , studying , activism ) they are attacked, whereas when they are doing unproductive things (watching TV, eating something, internet surfing) the pains disappear. This kind of switching is repeated endlessly, by which their mind/ behavior is controlled into what they don’ have to do so that you keep wasting time
*Most victims have been harassed for years and have experienced, observed and analyzed this type of clear switching tens of thousands of times and reported that.

**There is a fact that especially when those victims get engaged in activism for the solution of this crime, they experience sever damages. Therefore they cannot take actions to let people know the crime although they have to do.  That’s why many people have joined victim organizations, but this crime is not known to so many people.(attacks for muzzling)

//voice and sound transmission//
[physical aspects of the phenomena]
-Some cases have been reported that transmitted voices were blocked or turned down by iron boards. Thin iron boards were laid over to finally shut off the sound.
-An experiment in Europe suggests that when the several victims stood in a specific location in the shield room, the volume of transmitted sound they heard was reduced. It is also reported that they measured electric field around the bodies of the victims and non-victims in the shield room, and they detected electric field only from around victims.
The report link:  ICAACT site

[intentional aspects of the phenomena]
-The timing and intensity of pains and other physical damages change depending on what the victim is doing at the moment, so do what voices sent to the victims say. In schizophrenia, hallucinatory voices a patient hears usually talk about negative things about the patient, which is thought to come from negative feelings of the patient (sometimes the contents may vary).

In electronic harassment, however, what each victim hears sometimes include information their brain cannot create because it is out of their knowledge. The purpose or intention of sent voices also seem to be more specific and somehow reasonable based on the analysis of reported cases by numbers of victims. The purposes of sent voices seem to be;

  1. mind control to make the victim believe specific (false) information, about the technology used in the crime, who are behind or involved in the crime, etc.
  2. 2 threat to discourage the victim from taking beneficial actions such as  joining activism to solve this crime or social activities so that the victim would be more isolated,
  3.  to keep drawing the victim’s attention so that the victim waste time dealing with the voices).

Sent voices tell the victims what they didn’t know
-Transmitted voices told victims what they don’t know, including technical terms and knowledge the victim had no knowledge about (e.g. The voice says “Masers are used to attack you.” And, later, the victim researches the term and understands what a maser is.)
-Cases that voices spoke languages the victims didn’t know ( a dialect the victim wasn’t familiar with, a foreign  language the victim didn’t know well)
-When a victim went to a place he didn’t know but voices told him to go to, he found the person who the voices said would be there.
-A victim was ordered by voices to go somewhere to find someone who he didn’t know and did gang stalking harassment to the stranger.

some types of specific information commonly reported by victims show it is likely that there are talk scripts and manuals the voices can use
e.g. Numbers of victims have reported their voices said they were aliens. In Japan, not small numbers of victims have reported that their voices told them a specific large religious organization is behind the crime, and therefore many believe the organization is harassing them)

All the information above shows physical and intentional aspects of what electronic harassment victims experience. Much of it cannot be explained if you think such information is created by schizophrenic minds of the victims themselves, instead of coming from outer sources.

As for 2, “a close resemblance between types of complaints made by electronic harassment victims and delusions”, there are two aspects.
(1)it is fact, although when it is put into words, it sounds delusional
(2)the victim actually cannot see the difference between facts and delusions

As for (1), imagine a case that the victim says, “Numbers of people including neighbors stalk me and harass me”. In such case, what the electronic harassment victim actually experiences will be something like the following:
events if they happened by coincidence, they would happen at astronomically low probabilities
-Every time you get up early in the morning at different time every day because of your working schedule, the family next to your house plays the same song on a player loudly. It is played  within 10 seconds after you get awake, it (any kind of song in fact) is played only once a day by the family.  Since you don’t use an alarm to get up, they shouldn’t have any way to know when you get up.

-At the moment or a few seconds after every time you fall asleep at night, even at 2 or 3 a.m., the guy living next to your room in the apartment keeps slamming the door shut again and again, waking you up with astonishment. You also get remote pains as well which prevent you from sleeping. Not only you but also other residents in the apartment complains the harassment, but anyway you wonder how the guy knows the timing you fall asleep.

-Timed to when you go out ( for shopping, jogging etc.)at different time, very often (about 7 to 9 times out of 10) the man or his wife living across from your house  goes out in a car, for several years. 

provocative actions
-When you are on a street alone, a guy runs toward you and almost crush into you but passe you by a couple of centimetres.  
-A man on his scooter thrusts at you several times on the street near your house and almost hits you each time.

-When you go to a place (a library, a park, a store etc.) you visit once in a while, you always see the same person there, or the person comes soon after you arrive there.  They draw your attention by doing actions such as getting close to you and suddenly dancing in front of you for several seconds, or showing shadow boxing in front of you etc., but you cannot do anything to that because it’s not illegal. Once you get surprised by such actions, every time you see the same guy, you will understand that he is there for you.

Based on countless times of these types of events which cannot happen by coincidence, you conclude that you are under surveillance and harassed by multiple people. However when you put that into words, the expression will be like “Ah, my neighbors keep monitoring me” “Every time I go to the park, I see the same person there, so I’m under surveillance.” “Strangers almost hit me on the street many times, so I’m harassed by them.” When you hear only this kind of statements from someone, it will probably sound schizophrenic because they lack enough information.

In the meantime, once a victim understands he is under surveillance, he tends to think of even ordinary people as monitoring him, which is an actual mentally ill state of mind. In other words, we have to admit that among people who claim they are being electronically harassed and suffering from organized stalking, there will be substantial numbers of people who are panicked, mind controlled and mentally ill, but that is not the cause of their complaints but rather the results of the intensive harassment of this crime.

Moreover, making victims say uncoherent things so that they get diagnosed as schizophrenia and lose trust is important part of this crime. Involuntary commitment to a mental hospital is thought to be a form of  success in their crime.  

A victim, on the other hand, tries to guess the truce of this crime  based on their experience and the information they have learned. Such information may include:
-Gangstalking harassment and electronic remote harassment are interconnected.
-the reasoning that only public institutions can research, develop, operate and hide so advanced technology
-several whistle blowers have testified that micro wave weapons and organized stalking have been utilized by military intelligence and police, and that mind control human experiments with such weapons have been done

From all those pieces of information, the victim draws his conclusion and says” I am monitored by public institutions.” However, those who only hear the statement highly likely see him as delusional. If you say that in front of a psychiatrist, you’ll be almost automatically diagnosed as suffering from delusion due to  schizophrenia.

As for 3, incoherent complaints and unscientific claims on the internet, you can regard this either as claims by victims who got mind control or as false statements by spies.

Let me explain an example of how criminals control a victim’s mind. Imagine an electronic harassment victim who receives pains and voices in his head. One day, the man suffering from those attacks gets a small injury and  applies Mercurochrome to the part, and then suddenly remotely sent pains stop. Now voices in his head also seems upset and keep saying it’s really troublesome for him to use Mercurochrome because it prevents pain transmission. Since then, every time he gets pain attack, he applies Mercurochrome and always the pains stop. Then he starts to believe Mercurochrome can really prevent attacks by energy weapons although he has no idea how it works. He tries to tell the secret to other victims, and writes the secret in his blog articles. He condemns those who deny his theory and call them agents of the criminal side or just ignorant people.

In this way, countless victims have come to talk about unscientific ideas and discriminatory ideas including so called conspiracy theories, as to who are behind the crime, what kind of technology is used  and so on. A victim stopped his activism completely because his remote torture stopped  right after he believed his super natural power could prevent their attacks. Since then he has only kept spreading information regarding super natural power. Some victims believe aliens  do this crime. Some believe minority group in the country secretly took over the whole country and organize all bad things including this crime. Such mind control effects are seen everywhere. Based on numerous victims’ reports, all victims of this crime are thought to have been mind-controlled into believing false information to some extent, besides mind controlling to prevent victims from taking actions to fight back.

On the other hand, on the internet and in victim organizations, agents from the criminal side have intentionally spread unscientific or discriminatory ideas so that general public think of all victims as schizophrenia, discriminatory or dangerous. Victims have no way to prevent such information control.

Moreover, as explained, victims who successfully spread the information are suppressed by attacks and many just give up speaking up, while delusional statements such as preventing remote attacks with super natural power are rather promoted and assisted by the criminals. Eventually, as intended by perpetrators, the internet tends to be dominated by incoherent victims’ blogs and twitter threads hard to understand.  By using such blogs, perpetrators try to make people believe all the victims are schizophrenia. Again, such incoherent remarks are thought to be either made by criminal agents or by victims who have been mind-controlled..

Therefore, If you conclude that electronic harassment doesn’t exist because there are numbers of incoherent statements by victims on the internet, that means it is you who are mind-controlled. Controlling one’s mind is easy. Be careful.

As for 4, psychiatrists saying those who complaints about electronic harassment and gang stalking are schizophrenia, I would like you to understand the three following points.

Both electronic harassment and gangstalking are real crimes which have been reported by mass media. In the reports, the involvement of psychiatrists were also testified.
So, we have to seriously think about cases that psychiatric medicine is used for criminal purposes.   
(1)The following is
an interview with a former gangstalking agent who testifies electronic harassment was also done in the operations he was engaged in, and involvement of psychiatrists in such operations)
raum&zeit 2009 August 161, Whistleblower outet sich als ehemaliger Täter (original German article)
The article on a Japanese magazine bellow is mainly about illegal methods for layoff including malicious industrial physicians. The reporter introduces a case where the legal service department of an foreign affiliated accounting firm commissioned a division of a religious organization to carry out  gangstalking operation to force an employee to quit. It says there are teams which carry out such operation in some religious organizations  and have connection with legal departments of companies. The comment of a former hired harasser is also introduced, which says when he passed the target, he whispered “Kill yourself, ××(name)” or He stared at the target across from the other side of the train platform. When such targets go to see a industrial physician, the doctor tells him things like “Are your hearing voices?” to diagnose him as mentally ill. (note: layoff of a large company employee is not easy in Japan)  (only available in Japanese)

These articles are only some part of what was reported about the crimes.  Gangstalking and electronic harassment are real, but whether what each victim claims is true is another thing.

Second, psychiatric medicine is a type of medicine where doctors diagnose a patient not based on medical examinations but based on a chat. They compare what they hear through the chat  with descriptions in mental disorder manuals such as DSM or ICD. Therefore, it is impossible in the first place for a psychiatrist to diagnose a patient as suffering from electromagnetic  radiation, which is not in the manuals.  On the other had, the symptoms caused by electronic harassment such as hearing voices sound similar to hallucinations and delusions by schizophrenia, so those doctors diagnose the victims as mentally ill according to the DSM. We have to be careful about perpetrators understanding this well and controlling victims’ mind so that they are diagnosed as schizophrenia.

Third, one of the notorious public mind control projects called “MK ultra”, which used citizens without consent as its subjects,  was done in the United States and its allied country Canada. It had many sub projects, one of which was carried out by Donald Ewen Cameron in McGill University, and he was the president of American Psychiatric Association as well as president of World Psychiatric Association and is respected by psychiatrists. The Psychiatrist wasn’t charged and even any information regarding this was either abandoned or classified.

This kind of facts give you a suspicion that  some part of the psychiatric world might have been  involved in illegal human experimentations for decades, some of which may include electronic harassment.

All those things considered, it would be quite easy for the criminals to find some psychiatrists who publicize their opinions on the internet saying those who complain about electronic harassment and gangstalking are mentally ill. There are no risks such psychiatrists to take by expressing their groundless opinions.

However, one thing we have to focus on is that in some newspaper articles and other media outlets, which are sometimes referred to regarding to electronic harassment because they appear at high rankings in google searching for terms “targeted individual” or “electronic harassment”, writers always introduce diagnostic statements by psychiatrists, while they never or seldom refer to scientific arguments whether electromagnetic weapons exist, nor make inquiries to the authorities for their understanding about such technology, weapons and crime to write on their news. Without inquiries to the government and  collecting information from expertise, they will never know what is true. (Please check this points in detail in the last section of this page)

Lastly, as for 5, the reasons why ordinary citizens are attacked by advanced technology, the purposes of doing seemingly not deserving high-cost harassment and  surveillance with high-tech weapons and organized stalking to hide it are thought to be human experimentation without consent.  Among electronic harassment victims, some say the harassment started right after they tried to expose some information, made a complaint about authorities or had trouble with someone or some organization for some interests, so you can say electronic harassment is utilized for other purposes, but considering its long-year-lasting-victimization, it is thought to be done mainly for human experimentations for mind-control research, electromagnetic weapons, brain machine interface technology, remote individual recognition system, bioeffect of electromagnetic waves and so on. Several whistle blowers who worked for military and intelligence institutions have testified that the military and military research institutions have been engaged in human experimentation without subjects’ consent and such experimentations are subcontracted by multiple organizations. Considering historical facts that the military and other public institutions conducted illegal human experimentations, this theory logically explains what have happened to people very well.

元MI5部員Dr. Barrie Trowerの語る電磁波兵器①   an interview with a microwave expert whistle blower

From all those mentioned above, if you see electronic harassment as physical crime, all thing that have happened or been reported to happen make sense. If you think of it as delusions and hallucinations by schizophrenia, you will find a lot of parts you cannot explain.

Regarding victims’ complaints as schizophrenic delusions to hide the crime from society is said to be the core strategy of electronic harassment. It is you ordinary citizens that have been mind-controlled into believing that electromagnetic weapons and electronic harassment don’t exist.

Therefore, what we have to do is clear. That is to officially ask your government about electronic harassment, the related technology and secret human experimentations for the purpose of national security and humanitarian viewpoints.  To demand a national investigation on electronic harassment. By conducting the national investigation, you will not lose anything. However, it is obvious that not conducting the investigation will cause danger to our society now and in the future. 



(“schizophrenia” in Wikipedia: see the part “Diagnosis” and “criteria” for the criteria of schizophrenia in DSM-5 )

electronic harassment related articles

The following four articles and a movie program are among  rare cases of electronic harassment appearing on mass media but also misleading the public views on the crime in wrong directions. Aside from the one by Washington Post,  all of them have the following common characteristics regardless of degree of sympathy each article seemingly show to victims.

  1. The writers seem not to have scientific knowledge to argue whether weapons and crime discussed on the articles exist or not, or simply ignore any scientific and technological arguments.
  2. They seldom or never write details of what victims experience. They never describe intensity and types of attack Tis experience clearly change based on what victims are doing. They never describe details of organizing stalking harassment which only could happen at astronomically low probability if it happened by coincidence. They don’t write victims joining activism usually intensify their damages, which results in downturn of the activism.
  3. They don’t write pains which victims experience because pains sound unrelated to schizophrenia, although about half of the electronic harassment victims experience pains according to the survey conducted by a Japanese TI organization with more than 1000 Tis. The situation will be not different in other countries.

They want to mainly focus on hearing voices although only less than  two thirds of the victims experience it.

  1. They don’t write victims experience significant mitigation of some types of damage in remote harassment by shielding and moving. They never write victims also claims interior wiring is used to attack them and unplugging interior wiring erase such damages immediately. They never mention some victims measured strong electric fields which are not supposed to be in their homes. They never mention frequent breakdown of Tis PC and other electronics.
  2. They don’t describe what sent voices actually say in details. They just write “hearing voices “or similar expressions.
  3. Although they mention MK ultra as a past project, they don’t mention whistle blowers saying illegal human experimentations using electromagnetic waves are ongoing.
  4. They only write what psychiatrists say as a comment by an expert while they never make efforts to make inquiry to their governments or ask experts in weaponry, military intelligence for information about bio-effects of electromagnetic waves and weapons using such effects. They never ask their governments for their official stance about the issue.

Meet the Targeted Individual Community  by VICE(on YouTube) in 2017

Meet the Targeted Individual Community

United States of Paranoia by New York Times, 2016

My Father Says He’s a ‘Targeted Individual.’ Maybe We All Are by WIRED, 2010

Mind Games by WIRED, 2010

The article below by the Washington Post describes  some points mentioned above, although it still misleads the readers by using unrelated analogy between electronic harassment victims and those who claims aliens abduction. This relatively fair article doesn’t appear in top lists in google search.

Mind Games by Washington Post, 2007


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