This page  focuses on articles and TV programs which reported electronc harassment, gangstalking and related issues. Since electronic harassment is the biggest taboo, it is seldom  reported by mass media, and yet little by little the chances people get to know about the crime are increasing.

United States
Conspiracy Theory” の Episode 6, Season 3 of Jesse Ventura’s “Brain Invaders
The program was broadcasted in December 2012 by truTV, a cable TV chnnel onwned by WarnerMedia, and is the first program which tackled this crime squarely. It is an episode of a documentary series”Conspiracy Theory”, which covers issues categoraized as  conspiracy theories head-on, and ths episode features victims of microwave weapons, or Tis.  
陰謀論 脳侵略者①  movie1
陰謀論 脳侵略者②  movie2
陰謀論 脳侵略者③  movie3

A news clip by KMIR
Electronic Harassment: Voices in My Mind

A movie clip in a news program by KIMR(  ), a news channel located in California. Electronic harassment victims and a victim organization FFCHS is covered in the news.

Mind Games by Washington Post, 2007
Wachinton post covers electronic harassment victims. The article  summerize basic information about this crime such as kind of damages victims have, past illegal mind-control human experimentation by public institutions, technology and patents related to this crime. However, in the end of the article , it misleads the readers by using unrelated analogy between electronic harassment victims and those who claims alien abduction.

Interview with a doctor victim John Hall (You Tube, uncertain channel )
Situations and claims by electronc harassment victims in the United States are summerized by John Hall, a medical doctor and TI. 
Dr John Hall Interview

Interview with Dr. Robert Duncan by Wheel of Freedom Show
A scientist who used to work for DARPA, CIA and Department of Defense is interviewed and he talks about technology of elctronic harassment.
Wheel Of Freedom Show 2/9/15 – Dr. Robert Duncan


A documentary program broadcasted in Canada
Canadian tv 中文 (Conspiracy Show) – electronic harassment


Chinese TV news by NTD
This TV news was broadcasted by NTD, a channel made by learners of falun gong in the United States. The original news is in Chinese and this movie clip is a Japanese translation. The news covers a falun gong family who are thought to be suffering from attacks including electronic harassment. The pitition submitted by Chinese Tis is also covered.


News on TV in Taiwan (with English subtitles)
In the news, electronic harassment victims complain about hearing voices and pain transmission, but say they cannot prove their cases with the technology ordinary citizen have.


A former perpetrator whistle blower Carl Clark’s interview
This shocking interview with a former gangstalking agent appeared in “raum&zeit” a German magazine in 2009.
The interviewee, Carl Clark, is a British man, who were contracted with multiple secret services as a free agent operative between and 2003, joining operaitons for suveillance and harassment and later quitting his job with sense of guilty, falling into a victim himself after that. His missions included infiltrating a specific group, getting along with group members, collecting information and breaking the target’s life.
The target varied from someone related to politics, a company, crime and so on, but there were also cases where he didn’t know what’s wrong with the target, and he also harassed a good citizen, which made him quit his job.
The operations described in the article such as breaking into a house and secretly moving things in the house to confuse the target, deleting data in a computer and stalking, are exactly what gangstalking victims  complain about.   

Moreover, he testified that another division in the operation he joined was tracking the target throughout the day from the base set near the target’s house using radar, satelites and computer programs. He said with the computer they could attack the target and know the target’s response. He said it can cause not only pain, heat, dizziness, but also emotions like fear as well as sense of sound.
You can check the interviewee’s background on this page

original text in Germany

English translation


Interview with Barie Trower by a lawer
Barie Trower is a former agent who servied for British intelligence service and an  expert of microwave. In the movie, he is interviewed by Mr. Henning Witte, a s Swedish international lawer.
The former agent explaines that microwave weapons are perfect stealth weapons, and therefore have been used by secret services in many countries for a long time.
元MI5部員Dr. Barrie Trowerの語る電磁波兵器①

misleading electronic harassment related articles (The United Statetes and The U.K.)
The following three articles and a movie program covered electronic harassment but they are misleading the public views on this crime. All of them have the following common characteristics regardless of degree of sympathy each article seemingly shows to victims.

  1. The writers seem not to have scientific knowledge to argue whether weapons and crime discussed on the articles exist or not, or simply ignore any scientific and technological arguments.
  2. They seldom or never write details of what victims experience. They never describe intensity and types of attack Tis experience clearly change based on what victims are doing. They never describe details of organizing stalking harassment which only could happen at astronomically low probability if it happened by coincidence. They don’t write victims joining activism usually intensify their damages, which results in downturn of the activism.
  3. They don’t write pains which victims experience because pains sound unrelated to schizophrenia, although about half of the electronic harassment victims experience pains according to the survey conducted by a Japanese TI organization with more than 1000 Tis. The situation will be not different in other countries.

They want to mainly focus on hearing voices although only less than  two thirds of the victims experience it.

4. They don’t write victims experience significant mitigation of some types of damage in remote harassment by shielding and moving. They never write victims also claims interior wiring is used to attack them and unplugging interior wiring erase such damages immediately. They never mention some victims measured strong electric fields which are not supposed to be in their homes. They never mention frequent breakdown of Tis PC and other electronics.

5. They don’t describe what sent voices actually say in details. They just write “hearing voices “or similar expressions.

6. Although they mention MK ultra as a past project, they don’t mention whistle blowers saying illegal human experimentation using electromagnetic waves are ongoing.

7. They only write what psychiatrists say as a comment by an expert while they never make efforts to make inquiry to their governments or ask experts in weaponry, military intelligence for information about bio-effects of electromagnetic waves and weapons using such effects. They never ask their governments for their official stance about the issue.

Meet the Targeted Individual Community  by VICE(on YouTube) in 2017
Meet the Targeted Individual Community

United States of Paranoia by New York Times, 2016

My Father Says He’s a ‘Targeted Individual.’ Maybe We All Are by WIRED, 2010

Mind Games by WIRED, 2010

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