This page is about the technology used in electronic harassment.

Electronic harassment is the broad idea about crime using electronics and energy weapons.

It contains energy based attacks on human bodies, human nerves, electronics, as well as high-tech surveillance and information gathering.

It utilizes electromagnetic waves, sound waves, chemicals and so on. The kinds of technology used will vary from relatively simple one to very advanced one in each case. 

Some of the information which seems relevant to electronic harassment is publicized, but most of it is thought to be classified. Due to the accessibility limitation to the technology regarding this crime, we use information with various reliability as resource.

The sole objective of this page is just to let readers understand what electronic harassment is like and the necessity of a governmental investigation on it. We neither have intention to gain the very technology which enables electronic harassment nor have responsibility to elaborate its technology.

We understand that further and detailed research is totally governments’ responsibility. We also hope that our readers would understand this point.

A: weapons and victims

Our goal is simply to root out electronic harassment. There are victims, so we do campaign. We are not against technology itself. So, first, we would like our readers to watch two online videos, each of which is not exactly about the technology, but is about the victims and crime.

After watching the videos, you can learn the situation of the victims (the result of integral weapon system) and why dealing with the technology and information regarding electronic harassment is so difficult. Without this understanding, the total neglect of this crime by police, mass media and the governments wouldn’t make any sense to you.

You can learn from the first TV documentary video about the victims who are sent pains and voices remotely. The movie is about the victims in the U.S, but the situation of victims in other countries are very much similar.

Brain Invader

brain invaders、 

The second video is an interview with a microwave expert. From this video you can learn many aspects of microwaves and non-consensual human experiments.

Barrie Trower, interview

Barrie Trower, interview

B Electronic Harassment in general

We provides brief description about electronic harassment in the page “What’s Electronic Harassment” and the introductive video with the same name.

If you haven’t seen them, please check them first.

For electronically harassing people, they need to gather information about the target, remotely monitor their current bio status and attack them in proper timing so that they can get desired result.

1:  Electronic Surveillance

Monitoring target’s life and bio-status are thought to be done not only with usual methods such as wiretapping with small microphones and hiding small cameras in your room but with more advanced technic such as locating with see-though radar, monitoring your EEG by radar and other method, tracking you around the world with integral system. The possible used tracking tool would vary from implants to satellites.

2: Attacks on electronics

Attacks and interference on electronics such as PCs and surveillance camera are frequently accompanied with  attacks on humans.

Both directed energy attacks and cyber-attacks are used.

3: Directed Energy Attacks

Electromagnetic wave has both particle and wave modalities. So it has mass, and irradiating it on human bodies gives humans to some energy causing, various effects from heat, pains to other symptoms including the damage on internal organs depending on its frequency and other many factors. Not only instant effects of irradiation but also those from long term irradiation should be considered because covert electronic harassment can continue for years or decades. Microwave weapons in various frequencies, laser and other weapons are thought to be used in this crime.

4: Sending signals in human nerves

Sending voices, images, pains and other data in humans by remotely influencing human nerves is the most unique characteristic of this crime. Disruption of nerve systems and entrainment of them into a certain state are thought to cause both mental and physical illness-like symptoms. This signal sending doesn’t necessarily require strong electromagnetic fields as is required for directed energy attacks. Both directed irradiation and sneaking harmful signals in internal wiring are used. Some good possibilities of non-lethal weapons including microwave, acoustic and optical weapons and their effects on humans are described in an unclassified document of “Bio-effects of selected non-lethal weapons” by U.S. army, which is mentioned in “What’s Electronic Harassment.”

Bio-effects of selected non-lethal weapons

As for “sending signals in human nerves, we do not argue here about how exactly those data are remotely sent to targets and how the targets’ information are remotely took by the criminals because we simply cannot access classified military technology we think they have developed spending billions of dollars.

Therefore, we just point out some ideas for the technology. 

It is said that lower frequencies tend to more affect human nerve systems because they can sense those relatively slow stimulation. Therefore, it is thought to be a good idea to use high frequencies with high directivity such as microwave modulated with lower frequency signals for this purpose. Especially, pulse modulation with rapid change of electromagnetic field is thought to be effective.

For example, microwave hearing effect (described in “Bio-effects of selected non-lethal weapons” ) is a method using pulse waves to heat and enlarge some cells in the inner ear, causing someone to hear fake sound. Besides this method, in order to send voices and sounds to specific person, supersonic can be used, though it cannot penetrate walls. Remotely affecting target’s EEG is thought to be another method.

The modalities in electromagnetic pulse wave which affect human bodies and nerves are not only its frequency but also other many factors such as repetition rate, duration, duty cycle, intensity, waveform and so on. And the idea is that effective parametors of those factors can vary according to the sensitivity of each person (There are both frequencies commonly effective in many people and different among each person). Using this personal sinsitivity to specific electromagnetic wave as well as high directivity is thought to be the method to single out a target among people.

Since exchange of bio-chemicals between neurons for information delivering is timed by subtle electric charge, there is an idea that external artificial electric charge by irradiation can cause fake function of neurons and disturbing or controlling nerves.

Things from each atom to big objects such as human organs or bridges have their natural oscillation frequencies, and effectively using those natural frequencies are thought to be another method to affect specific parts of humans.

You can also refer to the following websites and books for more information.
“Controlling the Human Mind: The Technologies of Political Control or Tools for Peak Performance”, Nick Begich , Earthpulse Pr (August 1, 2006)
“Guinea Pigs: Technologies of Control”,John Hall ,Lightning Source Inc (2014/12/8) (a page about electronic harassment in the site of Advance Electronic Security Co.)

C Electronic mind control

It is frequently said by the victims of electronic harassment that the purpose of the crime is mind control. This is about what the criminals want to do by using non-lethal weapons and it seems controlling targets’ mind and behavior on the ground that the victims experience every day.

We can categorize remote mind control methods into three.
A mind control by body control
B indirect mind control by informaton control
C direct mind control

Body control methods means giving pains or other ailing symptoms to change the target’s mind and behavior. For example, if the target does something the criminals think is bad, they immediately punish him or her giving pains. On the contrary, if the target does “good thing”, he/she is given a reward of not being punished (basically the target is harassed 24 hours). Good things for the criminals are bad things for the target in most cases such as quitting job, study, or activism to solve the problem , expressing anger, take addictive behaviors and so on.

One typical indirect mind control is giving false information by sending voices. “Voices” input false information about true criminals, your human relationship, the technology about this crime, social political view and so on. Information control can be backed with disinformation on the internet, by the real agents and organized stalking because it is the most effective when every disinformation is integrated in the target.

Directed mind control is thought to include affecting directly humans’ EEG or nerve systems, or other method like sending subliminal messages. Please also check the description in the section ” D:synthetic telepathy.”

The basics of mind control such as weakening target’s will by depriving sleep and giving exhaustion, isolating the target from other people, using at the most of humans desire and fear as well as many results of previous research on mind control such as MK ultra are the basis of electronic remote mind control, considering what the victims have experienced for years.

You can refer to those books for further information on this topic.
“Under Attack!, John J. Williams, Consurmertronics (July,2000)
“Mind Control”, John J. Williams, Consumertronics (July 2000)

D synthetic telepathy

Approximately half of the victims of electronic harassment say they hear voices in their heads. They also say that what they think and what they see are directly delivered to the criminals. They can communicate with their “voices”. This symptom is called synthetic telepathy.

Many specialists agree that voices and other information can be sent to specific person remotely. One such example is using microwave hearing effect. But they also say remotely reading humans mind is too difficult. What kind of method can be used for this purpose?

One explanation for this is as follow.

You transmit microwaves to the target’s brain.
You receive the reflected waves with other antennas. It is radar system.
The reflected waves are modulated by the target’s EEG and you process and analyze them.
It is said that human EEGs in people tend to show similar pattern in the same stimulation or activities.
So you try to read the content of the gained target’s EEG (speech in head, vision, or other various neurons activities).
But, for this, you will need immense amount of already stocked data which show what each EEG would signify.
 Neuro feedback computers are used for analyzing EEG with this stocked data.
And keeping collecting various EEG patterns can be one reason for long lasting non-consensual human experiment on the target, besides researching the long term effects of electromagnetic waves on human bodies, and field experiment of integral weapon system in actual situation.
On the other hand, using the gained EEG of the target, you can make a specific EEG pattern and transmit it to the target for entraining the target’s brain in it so that you can send voices, visions, emotions, movements of parts of the body and so on.
How compulsive they affect is not clear.
But this is a possible explanation of victims’ testimony in which they say they remotely receive and deliver sensory information and even that some parts of their body can forcibly get moved.
On one end of the neuro feedback computer connected a target, and on the other end the workers are connected.
With aid of the computer, those workers share EEG with the target, and make and send specific information such as pains, at the same time read what the target feels and thinks.
 The computer has a firewall function, which enables the workers to send only specific information from their side, preventing other information from leaking to the target.
That those workers are the people called “voices” by the target in their testimony is one explanation.
Those workers may work in shifts, and some roles of them are replaced with AI. They can use any type of voices, and they gather all aspects of information about the target including that of the people around the target.
So they can use someone’s voice which the target knows to pretend him or her, and divert the target’s attention to that person, hiding the real criminal entity. 
Bisides using microwaves, how they read the target’s mind and affect them might be done with other various methods or the combination of them.
This is a really simple but possible explanation of synthetic telepathy.
The veracity of the explanation is above our knowledge, but it explains a lot about what happens to the victims.

Please read the following website and book for this topic.  “The Matrix Deciphered” by Robert Duncan.
“Project: Soul Catcher: Secrets of Cyber and Cybernetic Warfare Revealed”, Robert Duncan ,Createspace (2010/9/27)

E implants

There is a horrible idea that someone puts implants in your body for communication. The following link is a report about David Larson, who actually removed an implant from his body. (A report about David A. Larson )

The function of implants for electronic harassment can be thought tracking the target, or more various roles for harassment. On the other hand few targets of electronic harassment using MRI and other imaging tools have found implants in their body. Therefore, some people think too small implants will be used to detect with ordinary medical equipment.

How small they can be and what functions they can have are beyond our knowledge. The following TV program is about an explanation of electronic harassment with nano-size implants.

F tracking and monitering

The victims of electronic harassment call themselves Targeted Individual (TI) because they are tracked and attacked wherever they go.

Tracking methods for electronic harassment will vary from manpower to satellites. Learning about Echelon will be usuful for grobal monitering of information. We also should pay more attention to what Edward Snowden revealed. There can be more hidden operations for monitering citizens.


There has been argument that HAARP in Alaska state in the U.S. and similar type of large phased array antenna can be used for attacking across the borders. The following videos are by the Dr. Nick Begich who has researched about HAARP and this topic.

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